Bright Lights, Big Fishy  

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Day 1 - The Ladder

The plan was to roll out of Sac at a little past 9 in the morning.  Julie had already picked up the Mini-Van from the Enterprise at the Airport.  Pete, Dodi and I needed to fill out some forms to get us on the driver list for Enterprise.  

After getting that all straightened out, we headed down I-80, Julie driving.  Right after the Arden exit, we were changing lanes, only to discover an extension ladder in between lanes!  *Smack* - - - *Grind Grind Grind Grind*  "Hey, we better pull over." 

The picture to the right shows what we discovered sticking out of the front of the van. The extension portion of the extension ladder somehow caught on the bottom of the car and was sticking a good eight feet out in front!  It took both Pete and Roger tugging on it to pull it free.

The Ladder, it would seem, was rather worse for wear.  We kindly moved it off to the side of the road where it could sin no more.

We were a little concerned when we saw some fluid dripping from the bottom of the car.  It may have just been condensation from the air conditioner, or it might have been  Important Fluid #5, vital to the correct operation of the vehicle.  Since were were going through The Middle of Nowhere™ we decided it would be safest to trade out the van for another one.

We drove to the airport and the brought over another van for us.  We had almost everything all loaded up when we realized that Van #2 did not have a CD player.  That would NOT do.  Do we had them bring over Van #3, certified to have a CD player and NOT have a ladder sticking out of the bottom.  Each time we moved stuff it got progressively less neat.

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