Bright Lights, Big Fishy  

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Day 6 - Sea World

When we were at the Zoo, we were told that Polar Bears spent about 75% of their lives in the water.  We went to the Polar Bear exhibit and not ONCE did we see a bear in the water.  We figure that the 25% on land was at the Zoo and the remainder was at Seaworld.  I was bound and determined to get a great shot of one of these amazing bears underwater.

I managed to get about a dozen shots of bear butts and bear paws.  These babies were quick!  Kinda like penguins only larger and furrier and mammalian.

After what seemed like FOREVER, I managed to capture this great, underwater, bear head shot.

No, you are not on acid.  These pretty beluga whales stood out a tad too much against their dark tanks.  "Whoa Dude!  Electric Beluga!"




Dodi was tickled to get a close encounter with these super smooth Rays!


They had an amusing "Fools With Tools" show.  Seals, Otters and Sea Lions.  Rock On!



I gotta get one of these surfboards!  Self Propelled!

"C'mon Baby!  Take it off! Take it ALL off!"

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